About Direct Care

Direct Care establishes a direct relationship between the patient and the doctor, bypassing the convoluted bureaucracy of the insurance industry and government control. Your health is your business alone. To provide you with the highest quality service and care, our clinic does not accept insurance.

We have two pricing models, either a flat fee menu of services or a monthly subscription fee.

As naturopathic medicine uses less invasive and gentle methods, we encourage you to allow your body the time to heal. Our monthly subscription service is an affordable way to receive as much care as you need on your journey back to health!

An affordable monthly subscription fee affords you the opportunity to receive as many visits as you need (many times, same day) and unparalleled access to your physician via email, phone, text or Skype. Where indicated, house calls are also included. 

Schedule a free Meet and Greet appointment for more pricing information by clicking the New Patients button above. 

We will provide a superbill for our services. You can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) card to pay for our services with tax-free dollars!

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